Easier said than done.


On the YA Highway blog, this weeks Roadtrip Wednesday question asks:


What are some non-writing blogs/Tumblrs/Twitters/Pinterests/Instagrams, etc.,
that you follow and get inspired by?


The question made me realize how few non-writing or reading related blogs I follow.

When it comes to inspiration, however, I do have several go-to spots on the web. Firstly, as my WIP is about a sea turtle rescue worker, I follow several sea turtle hospital blogs. These provide invaluable insight into the daily lives and characters of those who care for sea turtles. I’ve found that blogs often include the details of everyday life that get ignored in longer works, like nonfiction books.


When I’m really stuck, I sometimes pop over to good ol’ Wikipedia and hit random article. Between Swedish pop bands and the names of small English towns, I’ve found some real gems of inspiring stuff: an Inuit carving, endangered butterflies, and ancient compasses.


Other favorite forms of inspiration: National Geographic photos and documentaries. Netflix is especially helpful with the latter.


So, are there any other documentary watchers out there? What’s the most bizzarely intriguing fact you’ve ever uncovered?