Oh, Post-Apocalyptic futures, the dystopian destination of so many YA books. This week, YA highway’s Roadtrip Wednesday asks the question:

 “If you time-traveled to a post-apocalyptic future, what would you bring?”

Here’s my list:

1. A sense of humor, because no author can kill off the comic relief, no matter how grim the story.

2. A manual for train jumping. There seems to be a lot of that that goes on in YA dystopian (Divergent, Ship Breaker, Extras).

3. A cool outfit, preferably one with lots of belts and leather.

4. Comfortable shoes.

5. A weapon that does not have a finite and bulky supply of ammunition (bows and arrows are cool, but…)

6. A backstory. It makes you sympathetic (good if you’re the main character, not so much if you’re expendable).

What do you all think? If you were in a post-apocalyptic YA novel, what character traits would you want? What are your favorite characters who have survived till the end of a series?