It’s Wednesday, which means another YA Highway Roadtrip!

This Week’s Topic: It’s December! That means NaNo is over. Did you have a successful writing month (whether you won or not)?

I said in my last NaNo post that I was doing a half-NaNo, as I was already 25,000 words into my current WIP. Well, I did finish off those last 25,000 and get some semblance of a full story onto paper. Halfway through the month, though, I was interrupted by some other exciting writing-related opportunities.

In light of these opportunities, I had a lot of good news to share with my family over Thanksgiving. I realized something, though. As excited as I get on the inside about every step I take in my writing career, I always find it hard to share my joy with those closest to me.

Part of me is afraid to get too proud of opportunities that (as in the querying process) are far from a sure thing. I don’t want to get myself too excited over something that may not pan out.

More than that, though, I don’t want to get my family excited, as I don’t like to share bad news. And even though I know that rejection is part of the game and nothing to be ashamed of, I can’t help feeling a bit of a phony every time I explain to non-writer friends and family that “things just didn’t work out that time.”

Despite all this, it feels ungrateful to never share my success with the people who have encouraged and raised me to be the person–and the writer–that I am.

I know they won’t judge me if at first I don’t succeed. More importantly, I know that just because I fail, I am not a failure. In the end it is my dream, and I can’t worry about how far-fetched others think it is.

So I’ll keep writing (or editing, or querying) until I reach my goals. Because the game’s not always won in NaNo: It’s won in all else that follows.