Today, YA Highway asks: “The end of the year is close! How did you do on your goals this year?”


Is it just me, or is a writer’s work never done?

First drafts, rereads, second drafts (also third, forth, fifth, etc)

Critique partners, query letters, twitter pitches

Lit mag submissions, agent research, blog posts

And then there’s reading. Reading for comp titles. Reading for craft. Reading because that’s what we’re doing this for, right? Because we love good books, love reading them and sharing them and discussing them. If we’re not reading, there’s no point in writing, because the greatest metaphor ever isn’t worth a dime till it’s a picture in someone else’s mind.


All this to say, it’s easy to get bogged down as a writer. It’s easy to get caught in the wash, rinse, repeat cycle of setting goals and completing them. Granted, if we didn’t set goals, we’d accomplish a whole lot less. Like, nothing.

Still, it’s important to remember that goals aren’t the objective. Writing is the objective, and loving writing, loving it so much that even when you hate it, you keep at it.


There will always be time for new goals. They’ll be new years, new accomplishments, new NaNo-something-or-others. But you’ll only keep at it if you love it. Can’t see yourself ever stopping. And by you I mean me. And anyone else who needs a pep talk right now.


I’m ready for the new year.