Awards and Publications:

“Assurance” in Page and Spine

“Paralysis” in Blue Marble Review

“Santiago” in Thema Literary Magazine

Salvage” in Freeze Frame Fiction

“Cryonics” in Silver Blade

“Cave Paintings” in Mock Turtle Zine

“Grounded,” first place in the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing Poetry Contest. Displayed in the Center Art Gallery April 2014.

“A Hymnal Note” in Time of Singing

“Parallel Bars” in Ultimate YA.

“Muse” in Black Heart Magazine

“Pompeii” in Torrid Literature Journal 

Cola Man” on the Tin House Open Bar

“Trumpet” in Mock Turtle Zine

Chef’s Log” on the Dayton Daily News website.

“Heaven’s Declaration” in Kingdom Pen.

Macbride’s Apparel” in Flights Literary Magazine

“Nostalgia” in 100 Word Story

Utopia” in the Boston Literary Magazine

“Lobotomy” in decomP magazinE

Near-Sighted” in Treehouse Magazine

5 Things to Fill the Space in Your Brain Reserved for Useless Facts” in    Treehouse Magazine

Etymologist’s Nightmare” in Nexus Literary Magazine.

Gnats in the literary magazine A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

A CLean, Well Lighted Place cover

Regional Gold Key in the Scholastics Art and Writing Award

Finalist in The Overture Awards for my poetry collection, Teardrops and Trumpets.

Yeast Rolls,” 1st place in YARN review’s Fall Poetry Drive.

First place in SCC Short Story and Poetry Contest for my story, “Rootless.”

Graham Greene Award in the ACM Short Story and Poetry Contest for my story “The Diary of Never.”